Jonathan neLSon Better Days (Integrity) FOR FANS OF: Marvin Sapp, James Fortune, Donald Lawrence QQQQ in an unusual but noteworthy foray into Black Gospel, integrity introduced the chart-topping debut of fiery worship leader Jonathan Nelson two years ago. On his second Live recording, Nelson once again presents power-flex background vocals, snare-tight hits and tremendous overall musicianship in a seamless melding of original urban praise and contemporary worship. But it is his intense focus on worship rather than an inflated ego—certainly tempting as a three-time Stellar winner and Dove nominee—that truly distinguishes Nelson as first-rate. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Expect the Great” gritS Quarantine (Revolution Art) FOR FANS OF: Lecrae, Trip Lee, KJ-52 QQQ For 15 years GRiTS has stacked fans with sizzling hip-hop. As Christian music’s longest running, and most popular urban rap artist, the enterprising duo instigated one of the industry’s most in demand sub-genres. Quarantine, rumored to be the visionary posse’s last record, continues the creative surge with culturally relevant reverberations and the group’s characteristically top-notch collaborations. Pioneering resume aside, GRiTS consistently infuses hip-hop, a genre typically void of spiritual sustenance, with divine nutrition— possibly their greatest legacy of all. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Fresh” iSraeL houghton Love god, Love People (Integrity Music/ Columbia Records) FOR FANS OF: Israel & New Breed, Hezekiah Walker, Kirk Franklin QQQQ Referring to israel Houghton as simply a worship leader wouldn’t paint a complete picture of his vast repertoire throughout the vertically-framed Love God, Love People. in addition to moments of contemporary congregational praise, the singer/songwriter switches hats between soul, R&B, funk and rock, benefiting all the more from famous friends like Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Michael Gungor and members of Take 6, all of whom make vibrant appearances on an already uplifting album. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “You Won’t Let Go” urBan reviewS All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. urBan new reLeaSeS 09.07.2010 YOuNG JOSH Thinking OUT LOUD (CROSS MOveMeNT ReCORDS/ PROviDeNT) 09.14.2010 JOHN ReuBeN ZaPPin (ThE BEST Of) (GOTee ReCORDS/WORD) BeveRLY CRAWFORD LiVE fROM LOS angELES V2 (uNiveRSAL/eMiCMG) WiLLie “P-DuB” MOORe ThE TURning POinT (eMi GOSPeL/eMiCMG) JONATHAN NeLSON BETTER DayS (iNTeGRiTY MuSiC/ PROviDeNT) 09.21.2010 GROuP1CReW OUTTa SPaCE LOVE (FeRveNT ReCORDS/WORD) CLiCk hERE for G1C’s take on the new project. 09.28.2010 LeCRAe REhaB (ReACH ReCORDS/iNFiNTY/ CSD) CeCe WiNANS fOR aLWayS: ThE BEST Of (PuReSPRiNG/eMiCMG) COFFeY ANDeRSON COffEy anDERSOn (uNiveRSAL MuSiC GROuP/ eMiCMG) urban 48 CCM