letter-black-hanging-on-by-a-thread-free- mp3-download/ Since the mid-1990s, Disciple’s been a forerunner on the hard rock circuit, but the band’s latest disc Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (iNO) expands the palette wider than previous projects. Sure, there are plenty of meaty riffs, chunky drums and reasons to head bang, but the group’s also exploring a more melodic sound sure to broaden its audience. CCM recently caught up with front man Kevin Young to get his take on the best of both worlds, along with ways he, bassist israel Beachy, guitarist Andrew Welch, guitarist Micah Sannan and drummer Trent Reiff are heating up the soundtrack in the sports scene and ministering to troubled teens. CCM: how does horseshoes and hand grenades fit into the band’s catalogue? young: it’s a new beginning and we’re all contributing in a major way. i like to say the new album is split between a really heavy half and another half that’s kind of for everybody. it’s still my voice and there’s not much i can do that’s all that different, but it’s a new kind of heavy. We strived to create good songs with a broader appeal. CCM: What kind of issues are Disciple’s audiences dealing with these days? young: Probably every night to every other night, we have someone come up to us who’s either attempted suicide, is into cutting themselves or dealing with depression. Probably the biggest song that’s had an impact on people is “After the World” [from 2006’s Scars Remain] where one girl actually heard it on the radio when she was getting ready to commit suicide and that song was basically saying that somebody loved her. A conversation with a guy who was cutting himself inspired us to write the new song “invisible,” which basically confronts the lies that tell us we’re not good enough with the truth of the word of God. CCM: how has getting all over ESPn and World Wrestling Entertainment exposed your music to sports fans? young: We have a lot of fans who heard us on WWe or “Friday Night Lights” and say they bought all our CDs because of the one song they heard and now they’re a huge fan, which is really cool. CCM: So are you guys athletic outside of being so musical? young: everybody in the band is unique and we all have our own interests and likes, though i’m very sporty. We have Direct Tv’s NFL Sunday Ticket on the bus and get every game possible. Half the time the guys are making fun of me and half the time they’re watching and enjoying it! — Andy Argyrakis roCk highlights the act: David Crowder Band the Site: the Sound: Worshipful Rock the Buzz: From October 1-20, the David Crowder Band is bringing its acclaimed Church Music tour to Canada with an opening act appearance by Hillsong Youth. the act: Sleeping At Last the Site: the Sound: Alternative Rock the Buzz: Kicking off October 1, this atmospheric duo who’s previously toured with Switchfoot and Billy Corgan’s Zwan will record three new songs every month for an entire year under the Yearbook banner, available in online eP installments. the event: Austin City Limits the Site: the Sound: Alternative Rock the Buzz: Despite the secular nature of this Texas festival (spanning October 8-10), plenty of lights are bound to shine as faith-based acts like Switchfoot, Robert Randolph & the Family Band and David Bazan (of Pedro the Lion fame) take the stage alongside mainstream heavy hitters the eagles, Phish and Muse. Disciple CCM 45