Jeremy Camp We Cry Out (BEC Recordings) FOR FANS OF: Aaron Shust, Todd Agnew QQQ His 2004 worship project was packed with emotion and energy and while his newest record lacks the flow and originality he first demonstrated, without a doubt, the reigning king of Christian pop/rock still brings an inspired album to the table. His version of “Never Let Go” and single “Jesus Saves” both allow his voice to shine through in straightforward arrangements. Another standout track, “Overcome,” affords the listener and glimpse inside the heart and passion of a man fully convicted by words of truth. While Camp doesn’t necessarily break new ground in the arena of worship, he has delivered a solid, authentic and polished album worthy of a spot in anyone’s worship collection. –Grace S. Cartwright WE LIKE: “Never Let Go” Sandi patty The Edge of the Divine (Stylos Records) FOR FANS OF: Amy Grant, Kathy Troccoli, Avalon QQQ On her first non-specialty record in seven years, Sandi Patty takes some chances and also gives fans the consistent balladry backed by booming vocals they’ve come to expect. Though she gets points for trying to make “Faith Dancing” lean in a club direction reminiscent of Cher, the luminary is much better sticking to age appropriate material like “When Life Gets Broken” (with Point of Grace’s Heather Payne) and “My Prayer For You.” Patty should also be applauded for venturing into introspective lyrical territory, which is further traced throughout her companion book of the same name. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “When Life Gets Broken” LinCoLn BrewSter Real Life (Integrity) FOR FANS OF: Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche QQQ The latest round of vertical tunes from Lincoln Brewster is mostly an up-tempo bunch focused on recognizing the hand of God in the everyday life around us. “Reaching For You” reminds the most of Chris Tomlin with Brewster’s solid tenor and straightforward musical approach doing the bulk of the work. “Real Life” holds a Nashville country tinge and the most personal lyrics about being a father. The highlight, however, is “Best Days” which kicks off the worshipful party that lasts almost straight through Real Life. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Best Days” worShip reviewS All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. worShip new reLeaSeS 09.28.2010 LiNCOLN BReWSTeR REaL LifE (iNTeGRiTY MuSiC/ PROviDeNT) vARiOuS BEThLEhEM SkyLinE V2 (CeNTRiCiTY MuSiC/eMiCMG) Worship 42 CCM