here: Mission Matters Mocha club…It’s a beautIful thIng… By Adria Haley Coffee culture is alive and well in America today. We love spending time at our favorite local coffee shop or Starbucks to socialize with friends, spend some quality time on our laptop, study or curl up with a good book in a comfy overstuffed chair. The Mocha Club recognized this cultural norm as the perfect opportunity to redefine the coffee break. For just $7 a month, or the cost of two mochas, you can help fund relief and development projects in Africa and begin your own online Mocha Club team and invite friends and family members to join you. This tech-savvy generation now has the ability to make a huge impact within their very own circle of influence. Mocha Club Director, Barrett Ward, envisioned a new model of giving after leading a trip of college students to Africa in 2004. The official launch was at a Matt Wertz Rep Concert in Nashville in July of 2005. Since then, many other artists have jumped onboard to spread the word on their tours. One such band is the critically-acclaimed Gungor. Their newest album, Beautiful Things, illustrates the intersection of faith, worship and social justice. So it’s no surprise that they decided to join the Mocha Club as a band, stating, “The reason we chose this particular organization was first because of how they effectively utilize the donations that come in to make a difference in Africa. And secondly, a lot of our concerts are attended by young people that may not have a lot of money, and the way that Mocha Club puts together teams of people that only individually have to shell out seven bucks a month was a brilliant idea to us.” After traveling to Africa with the Mocha Club in the Fall of 2009, Gungor chose to support the Water Wells project in Jach, Sudan. Through the Clean Water project, supporters are providing life to the war-torn region of Sudan with water that is safe and free of disease. Each new well is designed to serve 500-1,000 people. “Please join us in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth in a tangible way. Together, we can actually make a difference.” —Gungor To catch Gungor out on the road this year and hear them talk about the Mocha Club, check their tour schedule here. more 34 CCM