When we learned that Jeremy Camp had a new album drop- ping in September, it was a natural choice to put him on our September cover. After all, he’s sold three million records, charted 19 No. 1 hits, has been GRAMMY- nominated and has won several major Dove Awards. But after interviewing him, we had second thoughts. “I’m just sick of seeing my- self everywhere. How did this become so much about ‘Jeremy Camp?’” he says. Umm… awkward… I begin wondering if anyone told him he was on the cover… “I just want to go out and preach the Gospel and do what God is calling me to do,” he says. Apparently, God has called him to worship. Not just to lead worship and create a worship album, but to truly, authentically engage in worship of the Father. “If I’m spending time with the Lord and I have intimacy with Him, and I’m truly engaging in worship and lifting up His name, then people will enter into that naturally because it’s not me trying to force it— I’m just trying to lead by ex- ample,” he explains. “It’s not like I’m going to get you guys to worship,” he Jeremy Camp rediscovers a passion for worship 22 CCM