tour spotlight By Andy Argyrakis hit the road Revive and Denny Rockey Blink tour grAce community church/ streAtor, il P h o to s b y A nd y A rg y ra k is . Revive Denny Roc key Imagine a younger version of INXS or Midnight Oil planted in modern rock sensibilities with inspiring lyrics. That’s exactly what Australia’s Revive brought to a jam-packed Grace Community Church. Considering the fact that the group hails from the land down under, the comparisons to those above countrymen are easy to spot, though the group’s also gotten an extra leg up by touring with multi- platinum Aussies, the newsboys, while being introduced to Essential Records by Third Day. Even with all its famous friends, Revive’s 75-minute show more than proved its international merit thanks to a set list between its rousing debut disc Chorus of the Saints and the even more compelling new collection Blink. Fans leapt to their feet for the crunchy guitar rockers “Almost Missed This Moment” and “My Hope,” both of which unveiled the group’s pensive lyrical dynamic that points to a higher power without ever coming across as preachy. Revive demonstrated additional variety thanks to power ballads like “Hold On Love” and “All of This For You,” followed by a spot-on cover of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” that highlighted the foursome’s seasoned musicianship. Yet it was the title tracks from both CDs along with the charging “Don’t Give Up the Fight,” that provided a jolt of faith renewal to the all-ages audience. Prior to the headliners, solo artist Denny Rockey (also of Final Quest fame), performed a full band set split between covers and originals. A stirring take on Jesus Culture’s “Your Love Never Fails” and Chris Tomlin’s “Our God” suggested the powerhouse singer could very well follow in either of those recognized praise leaders’ footsteps, while the Indieheaven top 20 track “Until My Breath Runs Dry” and the congregationally centered “My Anthem” put a vertically vibrant cap on an all around uplifting evening. 20 CCM