going behind the scenes to get you ahead of the curve by andrew greer in the studio with… Sixpence None the Richer ALBUM TITLE: Strange Conversation LABEL: Nettwerk RELEAsE DATE: Spring 2011 REcoRDIng sTUDIo: Plyrz Studios, Valencia, Calif. PRoDUcERs: Jim Scott nUMBER of songs: 11 off sEAson: We spent the previous two years in various Nashville studios working on small projects (EP, Christmas album, compilation songs) “warming up” for this full-length album. –Matt Slocum HoME IMPRovEMEnT: Leigh developed immensely as a songwriter during the time apart. So she had much more of a presence in the writing process, which made for a much better album! -M.S. LEss Is MoRE: The sounds that [producer] Jim Scott achieved for each instrument were so inspiring, creating a special chemistry and sonic haven for us to realize these songs within. Less orchestration and minimal overdubs left more room for Leigh’s voice to fill the tracks. – M.S. BRoAD APPEAL: We have always done what felt right and listeners in both [Christian and secular] markets have responded. We’re really grateful for that. – M.S. sTUDIo RELIEf: Loads of ping-pong and darts. –M.S. top: Leigh nash. bottom: sixpence none the richer (Leigh nash and Matt slocum). For more information on Sixpence, visit myspace.com/sixpencenonethericher. For a preview of other albums releasing soon, visit our In the Studio section at CCMmagazine.com/just_for_you/in_the_studio. more 16 CCM