together working on a Choir album. We have so much mutual respect for each other’s artistry. The creative chemistry was as satisfying as ever. CCM: What does the title of the new CD mean? Hindalong: Burning Like the Midnight Sun is a celebration of perseverance, unrelenting spiritual intensity. To me this batch of songs is a humble reflection of enduring friendships, marriage and faith. The Gospel is about relationships, with God and with one another. The spirit of truth is alive and the voice of mercy, of Christ, whispers deep within our hearts. CCM: What are your fondest memories of blazing the trail for Christian alternative music throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s? Hindalong: The counsel I frequently offer artists I produce is, “make the record that you want to hear.’’ That’s what we’ve done fairly consistently. I’m not sure we blazed any trail. We certainly never knew where we were going. And I’ve never accepted the label “Christian music,” “alternative” or otherwise–-the “market place” be what it may. We don’t have keen commercial instincts and hardly any religious or ideological agendas. Yes, it is deeply gratifying when individuals listen to our music and profess to being inspired, motivated, consoled or enlightened. And I hope it is because our songs ring true as honest reflections of who we are—fellow wanderers in the wilderness. Ever since the mid-1980s, the Dove Award winning/ Grammy nominated band The Choir’s been blazing alternative rock trails while its members are amongst the most sought after in the Christian music community and beyond. Front man Derri Daugherty and drummer/lyricist Steve Hindalong found additional fame with the City On a Hill worship collective and The Lost Dogs, bassist Tim Chandler’s balanced time in Daniel Amos and The Swirling Eddies, guitarist Marc Byrd’s additional credits include Common Children, GlassByrd, Hammock and City On a Hill, while sax man Dan Michaels splits his time as the senior vice president of marketing and promotions at INO Records. Here’s more from Hindalong on the super group of sorts, the group’s new disc Burning Like the Midnight Sun (Galaxy21) and its lasting legacy. CCM: How do you guys find the time to all get in the same room together given everyone’s hectic schedules? Hindalong: Well, it’s been five years since we made O How the Mighty Have Fallen, so obviously, it doesn’t happen that often. Indeed, we are all rather busy doing a variety of things. You’ve gotta hustle to survive in this line of work…We’re so fortunate to be making music after all these years, so yeah, it felt great to be back in the studio THe CHoir album: Burning Like the Midnight sun Release Date: June 29, 2010 Your guide to the neweSt happeningS in ChriStian muSiC By andy argyrakis What’s NeW P h o to b y D in ah K o t th o f f 14 CCM