with GROUP 1 CREw The WriTer’s room No denying it—Group 1 Crew stands out in a crowd. Their music is always on the edge, their shows are always electric and, especially in their latest album, Outta Space Love, their commitment to reaching those outside the walls of the church is as clear and focused as ever. Manwell and Bianca sat down with CCM to share the heart behind writing music for this type of project and how your focus and purpose drives the writing and creative process. Manwell: We wanted to make a record for kids who do not listen to Christian music. That was the whole point of this record. It’s very evangelical in a sense because we wanted Christians to be able to grab this record and show it off to their friends and really be proud of it. It’s good to make a record when you’re a Christian group and even the mainstream cats respect it. Blanca: The title of this album is crazy cause it fits the season that we’re in so well. We’re stepping out of “the norm” of what Group 1 has done in the past, but stepping in a good direction. It’s not like what we’re used to. We want to get out of space with it… take it somewhere new and hopefully in that process bring everyone along for the ride. It’s a cool place to be—very creative, very exciting. We’re really proud of what ended up coming out during the process. Defining purpose, auDience anD message 54 CCM