with TenTh Avenue norTh By Caroline Lusk Gear Guide The life of a musician is all about late nights, time on the road and unpredictability. The venue for one night may be a tiny stage in a coffee shop or at a local church. The next, you could be at an amphitheater in the middle of a heat wave! When Tenth Avenue North took the stage at this year’s Night of Joy at Disney World, they played in typical Florida weather—hot, muggy and wet! The rain kept coming for the entire set, but as Jeff Owen (guitar) tells CCM, on nights like that, all you need is a little planning to keep your gear nice and safe. CCM: If you know you’re going to be playing outside in potentially bad weather, how do you prepare so your gear isn’t damaged? Jeff: At the show at Disney World, it was already humid and I knew we were going to be outside. When it’s like that, I usually don’t play my favorite guitar. But as long as it’s not pouring, usually you’ll be ok. There are enough tech guys around to tell you if you’re gonna get shocked. CCM: Other than rain, are there other weather scenarios that are, shall we say, less than ideal? Jeff: I try not to think about it. If you dry everything off before you store it, you should be ok. I’ve had friends who have played such hot shows, the wax inside their guitar melts. I try not to leave my guitars outside in direct sun light. It’ll affect the wood and the setup. CCM: What do you play? Any favorites? Jeff: I have a PRS guitar. It’s a Soapbar 2 and I use a Reverend double agent. I also have a Duefenberg Star Player TV and I’ve been using a Kelly Hybrid I just bought from a friend. When it Rains Protecting your gear in the elements For more on Tenth Avenue North and to check their tour schedule, check out more 52 CCM