With 14 Grammy Awards and stacks of Gold records, Ricky Skaggs needs no introduction. So rather than speculate on the inspiration behind Mosaic (Skaggs Family), Skaggs’ new faith-based recording, we asked the music legend to explain the heart and mind behind his latest in this CCM exclusive interview. what prompted you to record an album of spiritual songs? ricky: I had a strong sense that the Lord was leading me to do this project. So I started looking for songs, and Gordon Kennedy came onboard to help me write and produce it. I felt if I was going to do something different with this record, I needed some other ears, eyes and heart. Gordon was the right man for the job. Over the years you have defied definition with forays into various genres. Have you ever felt the pressure to commit to one style? ricky: It’s always a balancing act. I’ve tried to make the music that’s in my head and in my heart. I’m sure some fans think I have multiple personalities, but music shouldn’t have boundaries. I love many types of music. It would be plain boring without variety. You said you try to make “music that is in my head and in my heart.” How does Mosaic reflect that philosophy? ricky: In my head, I heard Gordon Kennedy’s demos of these songs. I thought they were awesome, but I didn’t know if I could make them work for me. We kept adding music that had sounds of the Mountains of Kentucky where my DNA is very thick. Finally, it clicked! It was like a really great musical gumbo. In my heart, every one of these songs makes me look at myself and see where I am in my relationship with the Lord. This project was as much for me as it is by me! Many people consider music spiritual. what correlation do you perceive between music and God? ricky: Music is a part of God’s nature. There is music in Heaven all the time. My friend Don Potter said he had a dream that he went to Heaven and he heard angels singing one of his songs. He said to an angel, “So you heard one my songs.” The angel said, “No, you heard one of our songs.” In Matthew 6: 9-15, Jesus said, “On earth as it IS in Heaven”. So the best thing I can be doing is eaves- dropping on heaven. —Andrew Greer ricky Skaggs Crossover highlights the act: Switchfoot the site: the sound: Modern Rock ‘n Roll the buzz: The band’s latest Top 10 Modern Rock hit “The Sound” is now the soundtrack to this fall’s CSI:Miami promotional video. watch it here. the act: Don Poythress the site: the sound: Country-influenced worship the buzz: The worship artist and Country songwriter recently garnered his first CMA nod in the Song of the Year category for his help in penning “A Little More Country Than That,” a #1 radio hit for new Country sensation Easton Corbin. the act: Charmaine the site: the sound: Hip pop the buzz: In a unique marketing ploy, Charmaine’s newest single from Love Reality (in:cite) is now available on the Rock Band Network for fans to play on their Playstation, Xbox 360 and Wii. Check it out here. CCM 51