38 CCM Raw, free instrumentation—check. Powerfully deep lyrics—you got it. Unlike typical praise and worship—definitely. They aren’t about putting on a show. In fact , they infuse and include people like you and me into their worship music and into their overall mission. They’re all about worldwide unity and freedom in Christ. That’s what makes Rend ColleCtive expeRiment organic. As a community of extravagant music lovers and worshippers, this assembly of passionate believers and musicians from Ireland takes the idea of a worship band to a new level. With the help of David Crowder and numerous other worship leaders from all over the globe, Rend ColleCtive expeRiment is praising the living God with the intention of bringing us closer to Him. Rend’s drummer, Gareth Gilkeson talked to CCM about the Collective’s heart for missional ministry. 38 CCM CCM: Rend Collective is obviously not like any other Christian band or group that we (or the world for that matter), has ever encountered. Though you operate out of the same motivation as other worship leaders, there is a unique freedom in how you approach your music and passion for Jesus. What does worship music look like, feel like and mean to you and how would you encourage others to seek God in a similar way? Gareth: We approach worship in a way that makes sense to us, a way we can connect and worship God in a language we understand. We try to live out something we named Organic Worship—an honest and natural connection with God without the use of “nasty pesticides.” We strive to write songs without getting caught up in the “industry of worship.” We certainly don’t think we have all the answers or that we’re the only ones who have this heart. It’s great to see God on the move world-wide in His church’s heart for something that is authentic and costs us everything. That’s what we would encourage others to do: to pursue intimacy with Christ and selfless, missional community with one another. After all, friendship and family is key and worship is not just singing songs, but giving God everything and saying, “You are worth it!” Finding Community in oRganiC WoRship by emily hoernschemeyer