atthew West has long garnered respect for his proficiency as a story teller. Many of his songs mirror the style of the parables of Jesus— simple tales of life told in everyday language but relating deep insights. On October 5, West unleashes The Story of Your Life, a lyrical masterpiece hewn from the real life highs and lows of Matthew’s fans. The collection is inspired in more ways than one. With his previous albums Happy, History and Something to Say, West’s songs were primarily birthed from his own experiences or those of his loved ones. The whimsical “Next Thing You Know” is a snappy gem relating West’s own salvation experience. “A Friend in the World” reflects a childhood memory of his wife, Emily. Not long after the 2008 release of Something to Say, West began to pray and plan for his next project. One thought kept resonating with him: “What if I turned the microphone around? What if this time, instead of using Sing Us A So You’re the By Martha Fry Matthew West translates life’s sorrows, victories and challenges into one of his greatest projects yet. 30 CCM