story behind the songs After catapulting to the national spotlight on American Idol, Chris Sligh has kept busy… 265 days out of the year on the road busy. And while he’s made amazing music and brought a fresh new voice to the Christian market, the heavy touring and the demands of the music industry and take its toll on his now 7-year marriage. After some serious soul searching and a lot of hard work, he and his wife are once again in a good place and expecting their first child in October. The struggles and hard times, though, weren’t for naught. They became the fuel behind his latest album, The Anatomy of Broken. Here, Chris shares the story behind it all and performs the first single “Only You Can Save.” Here, in His own words, chris sliGh sHares tHe story beHind His new album. chris sliGh’s The AnATomy of broken Label: Word release date: september 14, 2010 CCM 17