going behind the scenes to get you ahead of the curve by andrew greer in the studio with… Point of Grace ALBUM TITLE: Home for the Holidays LABEL: Word RELEAsE DATE: October 3, 2010 REcoRDIng sTUDIo: Starstruck Studios Music Row, Nashville, Tenn. PRoDUcERs: Nathan and Stephanie Chapman nUMBER of songs: 10 fREsh cUTs: Christmas music never gets old. There are so many great classics out there. We just try to come up with our favorites then arm wrestle to see who wins out! –Denise Jones Pog UnPLUggED: Our past Christmas albums were very orchestral with lots of stacked vocals. This record has a more down home, raw and authentic feel. We recorded “old school”—our vocals and the band at the same time. It was musical candy to our ears. We could feel the emotion of the instruments around us. It brings an energy that isn’t there when you are singing with a track. -D.J. sUMMER hoLIDAy: [We recorded] in May and July. We were in shorts and T-shirts singing “White Christmas” and “Let it Snow.” We did a lot of prep work on our vocal arrangements outside at Shelley’s pool in our swimsuits. How funny is that? – D.J. sTUDIo sPIRIT: We LOVE Christmas, so it isn’t hard to get in the mood. We decorated the studio with trees and lights and brought in some Christmas cookies! – D.J. sLowPokE shELLEy: We all have different gifts that we contribute to the group. Leigh and I grew up singing with sisters, so harmonies come fairly easy to us. For Shelley, it’s not quite as natural. [Laughs] Most of the time she just says, “Ya’ll tell me what to sing and I’ll learn it.” -D.J. desise Jones, shelley breen and Leigh cappillino of Point of grace, stephanie and nathan chapman For more information on Point of Grace, visit pointofgrace.net. For a preview of other albums releasing soon, visit our In the Studio section at CCMmagazine.com/just_for_you/in_the_studio. more 16 CCM