with 33 Miles The WriTer’s room It’s been over two years since 33 Miles arrived on the scene with their songs of encouragement and faith. With their most recent project, Today, they have taken those themes one step further. CCM sat down with the guys to get the insider’s take on the album and, as songwriters, what they have been trying to convey. CCM: So Today… What were you going for with this project? How is this message different (or is it?) from your first album? 33 Miles: This album is really just a continuation of the theme that we’ve had where we encourage people and ourselves to make the most of our lives. The last album was called One Life. And we thought that may be a little broad and took things a little out of focus. So often we live in the future—worried about what we’re going to do tomorrow… How we’re going to pay the bills, how we’re doing to do this and that… Or we’re worried about the past. Rarely do we find ourselves living in the moment, in the right here and trusting the Lord. For the album, we wanted that theme to come forward in order to help ourselves and others to really focus on today. CCM: Do you ever feel frustrated with your focus? Or is it an easy thing to let go and trust that God has you exactly where He wants you in this season? 33 Miles: I think when you’re trying to follow a call on your life, it can drive you absolutely crazy sometimes. I’ve been through that whole process with music. I knew God had a plan for me in that, but the whole waiting process for that to come to fruition to struggle and to try to find my place Click here for a CCM exclusive acoustic performances from 33 Miles. more Write Here, Write noW was so difficult. And I thought I knew everything. I would almost have arguments with Him… “God, I think you want this to happen, but I think it’s supposed to happen now. Where are you?” But God’s timing is always perfect. CCM: How have you seen God’s perfect timing within your lives and ministry? 33 Miles: When we first got started it literally seemed like we had nothing to do with it. And God really just continued to take it and snowball it. Our prayer is that we continue to rely on God to hold us up and as we continue to try to live that, we can also share that message with other people: Don’t take it into your own hands. Just surrender to the Lord and know that He’s got it. Got a question for 33 Miles? Email them The guys will choose 5 questions to answer. The author of each of those questions will receive a free copy of Today. CCM 61