with Chris August By Caroline Lusk Gear Guide Suffice it to say that Chris August has taken the industry by storm. His first single, “Starry Night” is enjoying a lofty stay at the top of the charts and he’s gearing up to hit the road with Point of Grace for a Christmas tour. His lyrics are poignant, his melodies infectious and his testimony candid and transparent. Beyond all that, though, is a serious musician with some serious gear. CCM caught up with him for the inside scoop on what he’s playing and using to bring his music to life. CCM: When you’re in the studio, what are your go-tos? Chris: I use a Protools HD3 rig, a Big Ben Word Clock, a Millennia Stt-I pre-amp and a U87 microphone. It’s an industry standard. It can record anyone and make them sound good. CCM: What about guitars? Do you use the same for live and studio performances? Or do you switch it up? Chris: For recording, I use a Martin HD-28V. Live, I play a Tom Anderson Crowdster which is actually David Crowder’s model. CCM: You don’t just play guitar… what’s your preference when it comes to keys? Chris: I have two Wurlis that I use for recording. I also use computer generated sound/soft synths. CCM: Was there a particular sound you were going for on the album [No Far Away]? Chris: I just wanted it to sound awesome (ha ha)… was going for a raw but polished feel. CCM: What’s on your wish list? Anything out there you’ve got your eye on? Chris: I want the new Rhodes 7 [electric piano]. But they’re like $5,000… so… yeah. I’ll stick with my Wurlis for now. Chris August takes us inside his gear collection For more on Chris, check out www.ChrisAugustMusic.com and be on the lookout for his newest single hitting airwaves in early 2011. more CCM: Hypothetically, I want to go find a new guitar… any advice? Chris: Well, first, everyone should listen to the song “Guitar Shopping” by David Wilcox, who is one of my favorite songwriters of all time. And then, just find one that feels good and is easy to play. If you’re new, start out with light strings so you don’t tear your hands up! 60 CCM