“When we start the discussions of what to do next, we typically start from a place of what we did on the last album and what we want to do next,” says Lee. “We wonder about the expectations of the person on the street and how we can blow their minds. Those are fun conversations to have. But we thought if we did that same kind of record again and hooked up with Howard, as much as we love that It’s one thing for an emerging band to take an album or two to define their sound. It’s another when a four- time Grammy winning act tells you that they’ve just now made the “first truly Third Day record.” Yet that’s exactly the way the powerhouse four-piece describes their newest LP, Move. “I believe Revelation [2008] was a bigger, louder sounding modern rock album,” says vocalist Mac Powell. “Move is more of a return to our down home Southern/American rock roots. If anything, I think we may even explore that more than we ever have. There are many more ‘gospel’ elements to this album than we’ve worked with before and that excites me. There’s definitely a good balance of the classic Third Day sound mixed with some things you’ve never heard from us before.” The rest of the band agrees with Powell when referencing the “classic Third Day sound.” As founding guitarist Mark Lee details, it was about creating a single album they could point to as the prime example.