going behind the scenes to get you ahead of the curve by andrew greer in the studio with… Brandon Heath ALBUM TITLE: Leaving Eden LABEL: Reunion RELEAsE DATE: January 2011 REcoRDIng sTUDIo: Glorified Mono (Dan Muckala’s Studio), Franklin, Tenn. PRoDUcERs: Dan Muckala nUMBER of songs: 11 song scRAPBook: I love songwriting. For me, records take the shape of a yearbook—reflecting on places I’ve been, things I’ve learned and people who have influenced me. I like giving a snapshot of the moment. I experienced some pretty life-changing things while making this record and some of them show up in the songs. –Brandon Heath PoP co-PILoT: I write songs with a singer/songwriter vibe. Dan [Muckala] gets a hold of them and takes them to Pop Land! He’s really responsible for my sound. He lets me do what I do, and I let him do what he does. It’s a great partnership. – B.H. HIT PREssURE: I don’t let radio affect me too much as far as delivering a smash. In the past, it’s always worked out just to do what I do. My singles tend to be a little left of center anyways, so it’s nice to stay in a place of exploration rather than familiarity. –B.H. gREAT ExPEcTATIons: This was not an easy record; I had to internally dig deeper to find the songs. I thought I was done writing back in March, but my producer and label weren’t convinced. I had a couple of hard moments in the studio, but after pushing through and continuing to write, the songs written later have become my favorites. –B.H. sTUDIo snAcks: Bananas Foster and PB&J in a tortilla shell! –B.H. For more information on Brandon, visit brandonheath.net. more 16 CCM