It says a lot about an artist, or just a person for that matter, when the first time you meet involves a picture of award-winning onions. (No, I didn’t make that up.) When CCM sat down with newcomer Holly Starr to get to know her and her music and ministry, she proudly pulled out a picture on her iPhone of her dad holding a bunch of the largest onions I’ve ever seen. For Holly, that’s just part of life as usual. Raised on a farm in Washington State, Holly’s childhood and adolescence have all about working hard… be it in the dirt, within relationships and, of course, with her music. Here, Holly shares with us the heart behind her music and mission. Holly Starr album: Tapestry Release Date: October, 19, 2010 LabeL: Circle3 Records YOuR guide tO the newest happenings in ChRistian musiC by Caroline Lusk WhaT’s NeW Log onto to learn more about this talented one to watch! more 12 CCM