WITH SALVADOR’S VOCALIST/GUITARIST NIC GONZALES By Andy Argyrakis GEAR GUIDE From its inception at the tip of the 2000s, Salvador’s continuously turned the Christian music scene upside down with its Latin-infused potpourri of pop and rock packed with plenty of timeless sensibilities. It’s no surprise that all of the musicians packed therein are amongst the industry’s most celebrated and seasoned, while the group remains a consistent concert staple due to its jam-tinged tendencies. Fans and newcomers alike can catch the famed players on tour this spring alongside Jaci Velasquez and catch a crash course on its career thus far via How Far Is Heaven: The Best of Salvador (Word). CCM: What can fans expect from Salvador’s current concert tour? GONZALES: I think there are a few things that people can expect. I also believe there will be a few things they can expect will be absent. To clarify, I feel like there are some basics that get lost in the mix if you let it. We thrive on music basics. We want the band to be air tight in a live setting. We hope to inspire others as we have been inspired by Christian music. Songs are important, but I also hope tone and passion are tied together with it. Frills are not our style. We don’t carry a huge crew so with that comes some elbow grease and honesty with the instrument. I also think that radio gives you an inside look into music and musicians you may not ever get to listen to. We love when people come to a concert and leave telling me they only know one song of ours. It makes me feel good to know they know a little more about us now. CCM: For those who haven’t seen the band before, how would you describe the jam sessions that happen on stage? GONZALES: Jam sessions can be extended intros, outros and solos in a concert. It truly feels like you are inside someone else’s mind process with music as a common denominator. It will feel like a dance on stage. It fl ows with no fear of failure. You always have the song to fall back on! CCM: Why has the group gravitated towards such a wide array of instrumentation throughout the years? GONZALES: If you want a big sound, it takes people! CCM: What would be your all time dream musical collaboration? GONZALES: Salvador with The Imperials. BREAKING IT DOWN Brand: Rittenhouse Guitar Specs: Relic Custom ‘50s Stratocaster Pros: Great build Cons: New Builder. People don’t know him yet, but they will: www.rittenhouseguitars.com. Price Range: Unknown P h o to b y L u ke B ro o kh a r t . 48 CCM