WITH FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI THE WRITER’S ROOM We asked… she answered… CCM: How does it feel to be nominated for songwriter of the year? FB: It’s a huge honor. I am beyond thrilled. CCM: Tell us a little about your songwriting process. FB:The songwriting process doesn’t ever look exactly the same way twice. Sometimes I’ll have a musical hook or a title and go from there. Other times the music and lyrics seem to come at the same time. CCM: Do you ever feel like a song is done? Or is it a constant process of re-writing or re-processing? FB: I usually leave a co-writing session with a song that is, in essence, done. It’s not often that it takes more than a few hours to get a song fi nished. But other times it takes a few sessions. When it comes to songs I write myself, I have some that I started two years ago that I still haven’t fi nished. That just happens sometimes. CCM: How does your faith play into your songwriting? FB: My walk with God infl uences everything I do. Even if I’m writing a love song, it’s coming from a place of worship--from a worldview that puts God fi rst. CCM: Who are your infl uences as songwriters? FB: Stevie Wonder, Nichole Nordeman, John Mayer, Sara Groves, others. CCM: Any advice to aspiring writers? FB: Just keep writing. Don’t stop. You might write really terrible songs for a while. That’s okay. Keep at it, and try to write with other people too. It stretches you and opens up a whole new world. There’s a saying in the industry that it’s “all about the song.” We couldn’t agree more! The songs that have populated the Christian market over the years are nothing if not inspired, encouraging and borne from a place of intimacy with Christ. In that spirit, CCM decided it was time to dig deep into the songwriting process and share with you how those amazing tunes come to be. We’re thrilled to debut our writer’s room column with none other than Songwriter of the Year Dove nominee and Female Vocalist winner, FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI. Her songs are catchy, poignant, fun and deep all at the same time. With such a rare combination of spunk and substance, we were curious how she strikes such a winning balance time and time again. CCM 39