CCM: Does it feel kind of surreal to be saying goodbye to this band that has been such a huge part of your life for the past 17 years? Martin: I think that I’ve become aware there are times when certain seasons end. That particular season lasted 17 years. Great season, lots of great memories and God blessed it incredibly… But I woke up one morning and knew in my heart that that season had come to an end. CCM: What will you miss the most? Martin: We were incredibly blessed. We traveled to so many diverse cultures and saw so many ways of worshipping. That’s been incredible. God is big… God has a huge capacity for human beings. Just to see that with your own eyes is amazing. I also think being in a team for Delirious? has had one of the most successful, infl uential and blessed tenures at the top of the Christian music worship community. For 17 years, they have cranked out hit after hit like “Do You Feel the Mountains Tremble” and “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” that have become iconic in many of today’s worship settings. But now, they are saying goodbye and heeding God’s call to move to the next stage of their lives and ministry. Frontman and father of six, Martin Smith, shares with CCM what it feels like to move on to the next chapter. DELIRIOUS? MOVING ON, STIL 34 CCM