CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHT By Caroline Lusk HIT THE ROAD Interested in attending or holding a SHE event near you? Log onto to learn more! more SHE: Safe, Healthy, Empowered In the world of Christian events and conferences, you can fi nd just about anything and everything for youth… and women… separately. But rarely will you fi nd an event created for the purpose of bringing together mothers and daughters to celebrate their identity in Christ as women together. SHE is such an event. This cross-generational gathering celebrates womanhood in every season. Founded by Rebecca St. James out of her own journey as a woman and her desire to help others celebrate the beauty of being a daughter of Christ, SHE is now one of the most recognized and life-changing events going. First a book and now an event for all ages, Rebecca shares more about the concept and purpose behind SHE. CCM: How did the concept for SHE come about? ST. JAMES: The concept of the book happened through my struggle as a woman in the areas of beauty and purity. I was longing for a mentor and I thought that because I’ve struggled, others probably do too. When the book came out I was in my early 20s and felt very alone. Being in the spotlight the comparison game and feeling of inadequacy is intensifi ed. CCM: So when did the book become an event? ST. JAMES: About seven years ago, Evie asked me to sing with her. She had been my mentor for a while and there was a click that happened. My dad saw this profound moment when we sang together and he had the concept of uniting the book and a live show. CCM: SHE stands for Safe, Healthy, Empowered. What does safety mean? ST. JAMES: I know that every woman struggles with insecurities to a certain level. Safety is the opposite of insecurity. When we know who we are in God… when we have that love relationship with God and it’s not based on our performance, that’s the foundation of everything. Rebecca St. James is a Grammy and multi-Dove Award winning singer and entertainer. Now living in LA, Rebecca made her fi lm debut last year with Sarah’s Choice, a fi lm about the miracle of choosing life. She currently has other fi lm projects in the works and is doing work on behalf of pregnancy care centers around the country. Read more about what Rebecca is up to now at P h o to C ou r te sy o f B r io M ag a z in e . CCM 17