TOUR SPOTLIGHT By Andy Argyrakis HIT THE ROAD Sanctus Real PIECES OF A REAL HEART TOUR OAK BROOK COMMUNITY CHURCH/OAK BROOK, IL SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010 If anyone was wondering how much Sanctus Real enjoys performing its new album Pieces of a Real Heart (Sparrow), all they’d have to do is check out the set list to its latest tour. Not only did the group amply highlight the CD, but it played the project from front to back in its entirety, followed by a handful of hits. In terms of the fresh cuts, the modern rockers started with the electric rushes of “Forgiven” and “These Things Take Time,” both of which have plenty of radio potential, while also demonstrating the players’ musical consistency. To help introduce the generally unfamiliar tunes to the audience, two side screens projected the lyrics, allowing for instant sing-a-longs, which came in handy during more worshipfully-framed moments such as “Take Over Me.” Though the momentum continued to build throughout the fi rst half hour, such a plethora of new tunes in a row proved a bit tedious and was perhaps an overly ambitious decision considering Pieces of a Real Heart only landed in stores the same month as the show. Nonetheless, by the time “Keep My Heart Alive” pumped through the speakers with unwavering spiritual certainty, everyone was back on their feet and ready to revel in the group’s decade- plus history. “Whatever You’re Doing (Something Heavenly)” and “The Face of Love” further drove home the show’s theme of showing compassion for the less fortunate, while “We Need Each Other” called for believers to unite and uplift one another, in turn, sending fans home with a proactive approach and renewed hearts. P h o to s b y A nd y A rg y ra k is . Pete Prevost & Matt Hammitt Matt Hammitt 16 CCM