JIMMY NEEDHAM’S “YOURS TO TAKE” Album: Nightlights Label: InPop Release Date: May 18, 2010 STORY BEHIND THE SONG You might say that Jimmy Needham has the whole package. Killer vocals, intricate lyrics and the skills to offi cially label him a “musician’s musician” all wrapped up in a nice package of complete sell-out to Jesus Christ. With his third album Nightlights dropping this month, Jimmy once again delivers his own brand of original, quirky Jesus music. Here, Jimmy shares the story behind a soon-to-be hit “Yours to Take.” Then he takes us inside a live, acoustic version of this song you’ll want to take with you all day long! The song “Yours To Take” came about on a complete whim. I was pretty much done writing for the new album Nightlights when out of the blue one day, God hit me with this tune. This song is fi rst and foremost a celebration song. What’s to celebrate? Jesus! He has done so much for us to redeem us from “the curse of the law” by “becoming a curse” for us. Paul writes to Titus that Christ “gave himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed” (Titus 2:14a). This is news worth celebrating. If you are a Christian reading this right now, rejoice! This is your second chance, your brand new life, and you got it free of charge! But there is more. Married to the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection for us is another glorious yet heavy truth. It is what He demands in return. Namely, our whole life. Remember that verse in Titus I quoted earlier? Here is the second half of it: “...and to purify for Himself A PEOPLE FOR HIS OWN POSSESION, zealous for good deeds.” (Titus 2:14b). Jesus died and rose for us so that He could own us. In a letter to the Corinthians Paul says that we are not our own for we have been “bought with a price” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). So here is the wonderful truth found in this song. Jesus came to lay down His life for us so that in return He could have our lives. At the end of this song, I hope that you and I can say together with joy in our hearts, “God, I’m Yours to take!” CCM 15