GOING BEHIND THE SCENES TO GET YOU AHEAD OF THE CURVE By Andrew Greer IN THE STUDIO WITH… Addison Road ALBUM TITLE: Stories LABEL: INO RELEASE DATE: June 22, 2010 RECORDING STUDIO: Chris Stevens’ studio, Franklin, Tenn. PRODUCERS: Chris Stevens NUMBER OF SONGS: 10 NEW KID ON THE BLOCK: We had a really good idea of the direction we wanted to take things this time. We wanted to keep elements from the fi rst record while expanding it; we wanted to sound more mature. We wrote a ton of songs and slowly whittled them down until we had the ten that everyone was super excited about. –Ryan Simmons (guitar/vocals/piano) MUSICAL CHAIRS: We incorporated a wide range of styles. There are very catchy pop/rock songs but also some texture-fi lled slow songs that really make Jenny’s voice shine. We wanted something that teenagers would listen to but also people our age and older would enjoy. –R.S. BEAUTY FROM ASHES: It’s cool to have people say they like our music but I don’t know if I really felt the reach of our music until the night [our bus burned to the ground]. We were blown away with the amount of people from all over the country who helped us. The night after the fi re I listened to the new album start to fi nish and couldn’t believe all the lines that directly addressed the pain we were going through and encouraged us to keep going. –R.S. FIREFIGHTERS: It’s been amazing to see how God provided for us before [the fi re] happened. TobyMac was going to record “Fight Another Day” but he really felt like the song was ours. We fell in love with it right away. In light of the RV fi re the chorus words are amazing: “Do you feel the fi re when the fl ame gets hot/Are you living every day like it’s the last you’ve got/Will you walk away when the fi re gets hot/Or fi ght another day?” –R.S. Travis Lawrence of Addison Road For more information on Addison Road, visit addisonroad.com. For a preview of other albums releasing soon, visit our In the Studio section at www.CCMmagazine.com/just_for_you/in_the_studio. more 14 CCM