YOUR GUIDE TO THE NEWEST ACTS IN CHRISTIAN MUSIC By Caroline Lusk FRESH FACES CCM: So did you expect to become an internet phenomenon? Carlos: I didn’t really expect it to go crazy like that. were the fi rst ones to contact me. They put it on the front page of AOL and spun it in a really positive way. CCM: What cool timing given your album that’s just dropped. Carlos: Yeah. God’s not surprised by anything! But I haven’t talked about the music. I didn’t want to be that guy. Christian artist using adopted son to sell music… CCM: Well, we’re CCM—we want to hear about the music! Carlos: I wasn’t looking to do the artist thing. I’m just a local church worship guy. Jason Ingram found me through my blog and got who I was as an individual. It was a match made in heaven! CCM: Is there a theme to the album? Carlos: Well, as a worship pastor, I want to kind of disturb and disrupt the career Christian. There are a lot of safe songs. We wanted to write some uncomfortable worship songs. One of the songs contains a Puritan prayer asking God to take our comforts away. And there are a lot of songs of redemption. CCM: As a worship pastor, artist, dad, husband… what does worship mean to you? Carlos: A lot of worship leaders consider the job to be that 20 minutes on Sunday. I’m trying to lead worship at home with my kids and my family. Even adopting my son—that’s an act of worship. Read more about Carlos at his blog, ragamuffi And see the video that launched the buzz into the stratosphere here! Carlos Whittaker is just your average worship leader, blogger, father, husband and thanks to a video that caught like wildfi re, an overnight phenomenon! The video: three kids—two biological and his adopted son from Korea— Beyonce, and a fl ustered daddy trying to make it all better. One thing leads to another and suddenly the whole thing is splashed all over AOL, The Early Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and more! But the video just scratches the surface of this worship leader, newly signed to Provident-Integrity Distribution, whose album, Ragamuffi n Soul, dropped late April. To be sure, Carlos Whittaker has a lot more to talk about than Beyonce! CARLOS WHITTAKER DEBUT: Ragamuffi n Soul (Provident-Integrity) RELEASE DATE: April 27, 2010 THE VIBE: Energetic worship that pushes the envelope with challenging lyrics that promise to rock the boat WEBSITE: www.ragamuffi more 12 CCM