: CHRIST just trumps sitting down with your Bible this morning? The great thing about God and meeting Him is that there is no formula. There is no prescription or protocol for “quiet time.” Truth is, your time with God doesn’t even have to be quiet. Take a look at your life. Where are you getting messages from throughout the day? Your cell phone, Blackberry, iPhone, etc? Set an alarm or message to yourself with a favorite verse or just a reminder to take a moment and thank God for the ability to even own a phone! Your computer (that you’re reading this on right now)? Set your desktop to a saying or scripture that will stick with you throughout the day or week. And be mindful of where you go when you’re online. Seek that information and entertainment that honors God and is good for your soul. Radio? There are plenty of stations that can help infuse thoughts about God into your day. Even if you stick a post-it on your windshield or mirror with a thought or Word from scripture… It doesn’t have to be grand or dramatic. “I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11 Hide His word in your heart! Not so you can avoid getting in trouble from a God who has a checklist of Good Christian behavior and Bad Christian behavior. No! Our God is a loving God who wants you to know Him as He knows you! Once you begin inviting God into your daily life through Scripture, suddenly that baby won’t seem quite as loud nor that project seem so looming. God whispers peace, love and understanding. So go ahead… listen. QUIET TIME Is daily time in the Word realistic? How many times have you resolved to start a Bible study? Or to read your Bible everyday… maybe even twice a day? Maybe it’s something that your youth pastor or mom or husband or wife suggested to you and it seems like a good idea. It even seems doable. And then your alarm goes off, you hit snooze or the baby cries or your computer crashes or… and before you know it, you’re lucky to get out the door on time let alone read and meditate on scripture. So what does that mean? Have you let God down? Have you fallen short? Or are you just human? The fact is, life is busy and hard and there are a million demands on all of us all the time. But the truth is—God knows, sees and understands it all. It is His desire for us to know, see and understand Him within our human capacity. For this reason, He gave us these scriptures. This sacred conversation. This is our medium to true intimacy and understanding of the God who so generously understands, forgives and loves us. So what does that mean for the screaming baby or the paper that can’t wait or the presentation for the boss that 10 CCM