At the International Justice Mission (IJM) Global Prayer Gathering this year, a young woman named Angel took the stage to share an update on how her work is progressing at an IJM aftercare facility. She herself was rescued by IJM from a brothel and now works as a social worker with other young women who have been rescued from the same abuse. After her planned remarks, she stood at the edge of the stage with a countenance that lit the room. “It is important that you know that I am the answer to your prayers,” she stated. In that moment I felt so grateful that at the same time I began learning about the reality of human traffi cking and modern- day slavery, I was also learning about an organization like the International Justice Mission that is fi ghting these atrocities with faith and integrity. I’m not sure how I could face such extravagant sin and pain without remembering that God is still saving and is still calling and equipping His people to respond in His name. It is hard enough to grasp that so many young girls and boys are treated like paper cups without the knowledge that investigators and local offi cials are working to secure their rescue from brothels and securing the prosecution of those responsible for their abuses. There is cause for despair when a widow loses every means to provide for her children because her land has been seized, unless we are armed with the hope that there are lawyers advocating for her. It is impossible to comprehend that entire families will never be free of the violence that they face on a daily basis at the hands of a slave owner without the possibility that investigators and lawyers are working tirelessly with local offi cials to secure their freedom. In the last four years, because of the faithful work of IJM, more than 2,000 children, women and men have been freed from slavery; more than 800 women and children have been freed from forced prostitution; more than 300 individuals have been arrested for traffi cking-related offenses; hundreds of widows and orphans have had stolen property returned to them; and thousands have received their entitled documentation of citizenship or elevated legal status. If they are the answer to our prayers, then we are the answer to theirs when we support these friends who are so willing to go and serve in Jesus’ name. Please consider becoming a Freedom Partner with IJM this year. —Sara Groves REVOLUTIONARIES ARTISTS AND ORGANIZATIONS HELPING TO FIGHT INJUSTICES AROUND THE WORLD THIS MONTH, SINGER/SONGWRITER SARA GROVES SHARES HER INSIGHTS INTO THE WORK OF INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION. Sara’s song “Joy Is in Our Hearts,” from Firefl ies and Songs (INO), was inspired by the work of IJM. Learn about how to become a Freedom Partner at CCM 43