20 CCM 1 ALBUM INSPIRATION “From a career standpoint, over the years a lot of things have changed around us; but the heart of why we do what we do will never change. We dedicated this CD to our husbands, and this is our love song to them.” 2 NEW TUNE THEME “Faith in our God who is there in all the details of our lives—even in the midst of us doing the laundry.” [Listen to “Love and Laundry” on No Changin’ Us.] 3 COUNTRY CENTERED “It defi nitely has a more ‘country’ feel to it. There are many instruments that we used such as mandolin, fi ddle and others that make it much more organic and intimate than any other project we’ve done.” 4 COOKBOOK COMING “[Our friend] Julie Adkison, who ended up editing and helping us put [Cooking with Grace] together, knows how much we love food and are passionate about eating. She called and encouraged us to write a cookbook that could donate some of the proceeds to The Raining Season [a non-profi t outside of Nashville, Tenn., devoted to helping impoverished families in Sierra Leone, Africa; www.therainingseason.org]… It ended up having a lot of great recipes, but it also gave us a chance to introduce our [fans] to our family and friends by offering stories of our daily lives.” THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT POINT OF GRACE By Andy Argyrakis 8 5 DELIGHTFUL DINING “[On the road we love] Cracker Barrel! Don’t laugh; it’s always the same, and I know what I’m getting. Culver’s is a fast-food favorite.” 6 DOWN TIME PREFERENCES “I got [a new] laptop for Christmas. It allows me to catch up on email and Skype with my family. We also try to work out on most days. Our favorite thing is to fi nd some cute little boutiques or a quaint little local restaurant.” 7 FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO “Probably ‘How You Live’ because our families were in it. I will always treasure it as a beautiful reminder of how [our kids] looked at that age.” 8 CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT “That we still have a career after all of these years. The fact that God has allowed us to continue this journey and still love it is beyond me.” Since the early ’90s, Point of Grace has topped the contemporary pop charts; but more recently, the trio has crossed over into the country market on numerous occasions. But as original member/co-founder Denise Jones tells CCM, the girls’ brand-new album, No Changin’ Us (Word), is about staying true to their evangelical roots, while wrapping their signature vocal harmonies around a slew of organic instruments. The new album from Point of Grace, No Changin’ Us (Word), releases March 2. For more info, visit www.pointofgrace.net.