CCM 19 ME IN MOTION DEBUT: Me in Motion (Centricity) RELEASE DATE: March 23, 2010 FOR FANS OF: Jet, Foo Fighters, Oasis FUN FACT: Me in Motion kicked off 2010 touring alongside Red and Pillar and is currently on the road with Sanctus Real and Addison Road. WEBSITE: CCM: How would you describe the group’s style and sound? Seth Mosley (frontman): I write what I like to listen to. At the core, I just love a good, hooky pop song. CCM: What is your overall mission as a band? Mosley: My heart for myself, the band, the kids and families that hear Me in Motion’s music is that all of us will be inspired to break out of these little bubbles that we so often fi nd ourselves retreating into and to show everybody a little bit of Jesus’ love every day. CCM: What’s your favorite springtime activity and why? Mosley: I do enjoy a good game of bocce ball. Our band is not really comprised of three jocks who are big into all-American sports like football, basketball and baseball, except me of course, with the Ohio State Buckeyes. One would fi nd that we enjoy things like Frisbee golf, ultimate Frisbee and sand volleyball. CCM: What’s the best spring break trip you’ve ever taken? Mosley: It was most defi nitely our trip to Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. Our family went when I was in third grade, and it’s not every day that you get to go to a luau, hike down into a volcano, go whale watching and get stung by a jellyfi sh! CCM: What’s your fondest personal vacation story of all time and why? Mosley: I would have to say last summer’s trip to Sweden, which we will be revisiting this year as well. Getting out of the States and going overseas is an experience that I believe everyone should have at some point if possible. CCM 19 Luck Photo by Marisa Mylnarek