18 CCM CCM: How would you describe the group’s style and sound? Jeremy Spring (frontman): We are a Christian band, but we don’t listen to many Christian artists. In a generic sense, we play rock music with hints of dance and indie fl air here and there. CCM: What is your overall mission as a band? Spring: It’s always been to connect with people by writing songs that we want to write. There are plenty of “band guys” out there already. We are intentionally trying to break that mold and really build solid relationships across the country. CCM: What are you looking forward to most about warmer weather and why? Spring: We play a lot of disc golf as a band. It’s free, and there are courses in every city! CCM: What’s your fondest memory of spring break when you were growing up? Spring: Probably sleeping in. Spring break was always just a taste of the three-month break to come. CCM: Does the band have any spring break plans, and if not, how about spring touring plans? Spring: We’re going to Ecuador in March with Compassion International. After that, I’m sure we’ll be back on the road during spring break. FRESH FACES By Andy Argyrakis Your guide to the newest acts in Christian music ABANDON KANSAS DEBUT: We’re All Going Somewhere (Gotee) RELEASE DATE: Available Now FOR FANS OF: Phoenix, Friendly Fires, The Fray FUN FACT: This project was produced by Mark Lee Townsend, who’s also known for his work with Relient K and House of Heroes, among others. WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/abandonkansas 18 CCM Photo by Ethan Luck