MEREDITH ANDREWS ——————————————— FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI ——————————————— FIVE IRON FRENZY ——————————————— DANNY GOKEY ——————————————— LENNY LEBLANC ——————————————— LIFEHOUSE ——————————————— POCKET FULL OF ROCKS ——————————————— POINT OF GRACE ——————————————— JEREMY RIDDLE ——————————————— SATELLITES AND SIRENS ——————————————— VARIOUS ——————————————— VARIOUS ADIE CAMP ——————————————— CHASEN As Long as It Takes (Myrrh) “No matter what our profession or calling in life may be, if we associate ourselves with Jesus…our response must be to reach out, to put our love into action.” –Meredith Andrews See Page 27 for more. ———————————————— My Paper Heart Deluxe Edition (Fervent) ———————————————— The Rise and Fall of Five Iron Frenzy DVD (Asian Man) ———————————————— My Best Days (RCA/Provident) ———————————————— Love Like No Other (Indelible) ———————————————— Smoke & Mirrors (Geffen) ———————————————— More Than Noise (Myrrh) ———————————————— No Changin’ Us (Word) “It defi nitely has a more ‘country’ feel to it. There are many instru- ments that we used that make it much more organic and intimate than any other project we’ve done.” –Denise Jones, Point of Grace See Page 20 for more. ———————————————— Live: Prepare the Way (Vineyard) ———————————————— Satellites and Sirens (Word) ———————————————— At the Foot of the Cross (Integrity) ———————————————— WOW Worship Purple (WOW/Word) Just You and Me (BEC) “I didn’t write a single song on this album, but the songs all refl ect my feeling that, no matter what hap- pens, in reality it’s always just you and the Lord.” –Adie Camp See Page 36 for more. ———————————————— That Was Then, This Is Now (INO) A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF THE ALBUMS RELEASING THIS MONTH AND NEXT. All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit upcoming_releases. The World Is a Thorn (Tooth & Nail) ———————————————— Awakening (sixsteps) ———————————————— Pieces of a Real Heart (Sparrow) “[The band] is in a place where we’re fi ne with not understanding why, in particular, bad things hap- pen. It’s important to ask questions, but it’s also important to trust that God is God.” –Matt Hammitt, Sanctus Real See Page 28 for more. ———————————————— Everything Is Different Now (INO) ———————————————— Catalyst Music Project (INO) Running After You (Kingsway) ———————————————— Live CD/DVD (Slanted) ———————————————— Luminate EP (Sparrow) ———————————————— Me in Motion (Centricity) ———————————————— Introducing Kelly Minter (Kingsway) ———————————————— Sing It Now (Tooth & Nail) ———————————————— Young Giant (Tooth & Nail) ———————————————— Miracle (Sparrow) ———————————————— Love Riot EP (Integrity) Travel III (Credential) ———————————————— Somewhere Down the Road (Sparrow) ———————————————— EP #1 (Word) ———————————————— Hanging on by a Thread (Tooth & Nail) ———————————————— Daylight Is Coming re-issue (Word) ———————————————— For Always: The Best of CeCe Winans (Purespring Gospel) Eternity Invades (Integrity) ———————————————— Vagabonds (Tooth & Nail) ———————————————— Are You Listening? (Tooth & Nail) ———————————————— Quarantine (Revolution Arts) ———————————————— Did I Say That Out Loud? (No Whining) DEMON HUNTER ——————————————— PASSION ——————————————— SANCTUS REAL ——————————————— STELLAR KART ——————————————— VARIOUS BEN CANTELON ——————————————— DECEMBERADIO ——————————————— LUMINATE ——————————————— ME IN MOTION ——————————————— KELLY MINTER ——————————————— POEMA ——————————————— QUEENS CLUB ——————————————— ROBBIE SEAY BAND ——————————————— WORTH DYING FOR FUTURE OF FORESTRY ——————————————— AMY GRANT ——————————————— GROUP 1 CREW ——————————————— THE LETTER BLACK ——————————————— REMEDY DRIVE ——————————————— CECE WINANS VICKY BEECHING ——————————————— THE CLASSIC CRIME ——————————————— EMERY ——————————————— GRITS ——————————————— CHONDA PIERCE MARCH 2, 2010 MARCH 9, 2010 MARCH 23, 2010 MARCH 30, 2010 APRIL 6, 2010 WHAT’S NEW 16 CCM