with Jennie Lee RiddLe The WriTer’s room Jennie Lee RiddLe is your everyday mom with kids, dinners to make and a house to take care of. Oh yeah… and she’s an award-winning songwriter. This year, she took home top songwriting honors at the Dove Awards for her anthem, “Revelation Song,” carried to the masses by Kari Jobe and Phillips Craig and Dean. Backstage at the Doves, she shares with CCM editor, Caroline Lusk, what the song, the moment and the message mean to her. CCM: Did you ever dream about winning an award for your songs? Jannie: I never thought to dream that. But what I did dream is that I would see men from every nation bowing down before the throne in my lifetime. That was a lyric from a song that I heard when I first came to Jesus and it just became a decade long prayer. I wanted to see men from every nation bowing down before the throne. And on that day with my baby changed and my spaghetti cooking, I said Lord I want to write a song that has every man… every rock, tree… every bit of creation bowing down worshipping. And He reminded me of His own words out of Revelation and Ezekiel… the picture that paints them so beautifully. And I wrote it! Watch the video below for Jennie Lee’s advice from one writer to others. 52 CCM