m7Xy&feature=player_embedded Fresh on the heels of winning his first Grammy Award, Country-Gospel music hybrid Jason Crabb is on the verge of becoming a household name—and for good reason. With heartbreaking vocal chops and a debut solo record affecting mainstream Country music charts, the former Crabb Family frontman’s crossover popularity is a no-brainer. Add a down-to-earth stage presence and captivating heart that connects him to fans behind-the-scenes and it is no wonder Crabb fanatics are multiplying daily. Your voice is quickly becoming renowned for its combo of power and vulnerability. Who has influenced your heart-tugging delivery? Jason Crabb: vince Gill, Michael English, Michael Bolton, Michael Mcdonald. you can take lessons from “the three M’s!” I like artists who sing from the gut. I’m talkin’ about every ounce of their being. From that place you know they were born to sing from. how did the diverse production legacies of Norro Wilson and tommy Simms affect your debut’s final product? Jason: Bring two powerhouses that are pros at what they do and marry them together… a lot of people would have thought that couldn’t be done. But with the right songs and writers, they did it. norro added that authentic, rootsy thing to the recording. Tommy offered that groove that nobody else can give. Your core fans are gospel music lovers. how does this record reward their loyalty while piquing the interest of a more mainstream-minded Country audience? Jason: It all goes back to the lyric. We really wanted a good wholesome message. A lot of country music and Gospel music go hand in hand. The down-home tunes, the picnic-on-the-ground and church-on-sunday songs go with messages of family, everyday life and hurting people. Regardless of who is listening, what is the main message you want to communicate? Jason: It’s a “no-brainer” for me to tell people about Christ and how they need Him. But I also want them to understand that He has a plan and purpose for their lives that will benefit them and others. I believe we’re all created with a great destiny. Whatever the reason, a lot of people never get to live out what God has for them. I would give anything to help people see how Christ sees them—to help them realize the importance of who they are in Christ. — Andrew Greer Jason Crabb Crossover highlights the act: Jars of Clay the site: the sound: Eclectic, song-driven rock the Buzz: In an effort to raise $100,000 for nashville flood relief, the philanthropic fellas offer “Flood(ed),” a five-song eP featuring remixes of their mainstream smash. The cost? $1. 100% of the proceeds benefit those who lost everything in tennessee’s historic flood last month. Purchase the EP here: the act: Winter Jam 2010 Tour spectacular the site: the sound: Teen-oriented arena rock the Buzz: Pollstar recently ranked the perennial packed-out tour #2 on its First Quarter ticket Sales “top 100 Tours” chart, surpassing top tours by John Mayer, Coldplay and Taylor swift. the act: Amy Grant the site: the sound: rootsy singer/songwriter pop/rock the Buzz: recently featured on ABC’s Nightline Tonight, the pop icon has been enlisted by fellow nashville natives, tim McGraw & Faith Hill, to join hubby vince Gill, Michael W. smith, Carrie Underwood and others for “nAsHvILLE rISInG: A Benefit Concert for Flood recovery” to assist victims of the recent tn floods. Purchase tickets here: CCM 49