viCtory Cathedral Choir Smokie Norful presents victory Cathedral Choir (EMI Gospel) FOR FANS OF: Myron Butler & Levi, Hezekiah Walker & LFC, Byron Cage QQQ In the tradition of popular Chicago church choir recordings, Gospel star and local pastor smokie norful introduces his congregation’s lead worshippers to the masses via one stellar live album. Made up solely of laypersons, vCC distributes twelve tracks of fiery Gospel music, singing with such soul-stirring conviction the spirit of God is palpable in every passionate verse. scripture says should believers cease to praise the very rocks will cry out. rest assured, vCC ain’t gonna’ let that happen anytime soon. - Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Come Too far” Forever Jones get Ready (EMI Gospel) FOR FANS OF: Marvin Sapp, Mary, Mary, Israel Houghton QQQQ doctors told dewitt and Kim they couldn’t have kids. Thirty years later, The Jones’ are readying their Black Gospel debut with a family band that includes their five natural-born children. With irresistible melodies, tight hooks and the supplemental fortitude of nashville’s finest studio cats and legendary producer Tommy sims (Israel & new Breed, Kelly Clarkson), Get Ready divvies musical chores so each family member invests equally in the kinetic collective’s dynamic performance. Harnessing the energy that makes Gospel music so raw and exciting, The Jones’ have concocted a dazzling set sure to pave the way for future releases. - Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “He Wants It all” urBan revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. urBan neW releases 06.01.2010 JOsHUA’s TrOOP tRoop NAtioN (nEW HAvEn/PrOvIdEnT) 06.08.2010 ForeverJoneS gEt REAdY (EMI GOsPEL/EMICMG) TrAvIs GrEEnE StREtChiNg out (UnIvErsAL MUsIC/EMICMG) 06.15.2010 THE WAsHInGTOn PrOJECTs light up thE dARk (nrEG/UnIvErsAL) 06.22.2010 GrITs QuARANtiNE (rEvOLUTIOn ArTs/ PrOvIdEnT) dEWAynE WOOds MY lifE’S lYRiCS (vErITy rECOrds/PrOvIdEnT) rOBErT rAndOLPH WE WAlk thiS RoAd (WOrds rECOrds/WOrd) TrIP LEE BEtWEEN tWo WoRldS (rEACH rECOrds) 06.29.2010 PHIL TArvEr plACE of WoRShip (UnIvErsAL MUsIC/EMICMG) d-MAUB iNSidE out (UnIvErsAL MUsIC GrOUP/ EMICMG) urban 46 CCM