Ben rosenbush is The Brighton. Then again, so are the other nine. The Minneapolis orchestral folk/ rock collective is just beginning, but the sounds are already oh so sweet. so for now, the luxury of having all 10 players at once is a rarity, but that doesn’t mean the sound is any less appealing. “It’s really just me,” explains rosenbush from the outset. “I’m the primary songwriter and then I have all these guys playing with me. We’re forming the band and getting more regular players. I just released the album last november, so all of this is new. These guys really want to play, but it’s an issue of everyone playing in other bands, too. so it’s about scheduling a time for everyone to get together. It’s a big ensemble for the most part and, at its biggest, it’s about 10 members with a string quartet included.” The orchestral canvas of The Brighton is natural given rosenbush’s background as a cellist. How- ever, it’s also the type of music he finds himself heading toward when wanting to engage the values most important to him. “To me, it’s authentic and portrays the honesty of what I’m hoping to do in writing songs. But who knows, there might be more adventures on the next album to come.” For the Brighton, it’s the strings and sounds of the orchestral elements that speak more substan- tively than just notes. “Music to me is about communication and I think you have to be honest when you’re communicating something,” says rosenbush. “It doesn’t have to be your story, but it needs to be a real story. I don’t mean that it has to be non-fiction, but it just has to be authentic. I’m interested in having honest communication between the audience and myself.” — Matt Conner indie highlights the act: Jason Eaton the site: the sound: strong male vocalist effort relying on pop hooks and strong production (Third day’s scotty Wilbanks) the Buzz: recent tour dates with Big daddy Weave only provide a larger platform. the act: Anyday the site: the sound: straightforward guitar- driven pop/rock with solid harmonies the Buzz: Just signed with new nashville label, Broken records. the act: Jon Morris the site: jonmorrismusic the sound: sparse acoustic delivery a la early Matt Wertz the Buzz: rumored to be recording new music with Ben shive (Andrew Peterson, sara Groves). The Brighton CCM 45