With a decidedly deliberate method of blending art, infectiousness and faith, Article One is making a major ripple in the modern rock ranks, as evidenced on its new Inpop records EP The One (I’m Fighting For). Though the group’s been a mainstay of Canada throughout the 2000s, its relatively recent migration to America was met with an instant ministry embrace, which as drummer dave desmit tells CCM, is the primary reason the band keeps logging so many frequent flier miles. CCM: What are the themes that run throughout the new songs? desmit: We explore many different areas of the Christian life, including some topics not typically discussed in musical circles, such as depression. We want people to come away from our music feeling encouraged and we want the music to promote positive change in people’s lives. CCM: Why does the band have such a strong heart for ministry to students and what’s the biggest issues you’re seeing them face these days? desmit: We play for tens of thousands of youth every year at dozens of youth camps, retreats and events. We feel very strongly about using that God-given opportunity to positively influence our audience as much as we can and we want to be a relevant and God-focused musical alternative for the youth of today. A big issue we see today is the pressure for youth to succumb to the cultural norm. There are so many false messages in our culture today that it is easy for students to get swept up in the status quo and often their faith life can get stifled. CCM: how does being from Canada give the band international appeal? desmit: Canadians are known for being friendly and easy-going and I think our band is no exception. It’s always interesting to meet people from other countries, and as similar as Canadian and American culture are, there are some differences that always seem to be fascinating and curious to our American friends. But mostly we find ourselves clearing up misconceptions about Canada, such as the belief that everyone lives in igloos! — Andy Argyrakis Article One roCk highlights the act: Creed the site: www.creed.com the sound: Hard rock the Buzz: recently redeemed rockers Creed are giving back to fans with a special $20 ticket price for this summer’s outdoor amphitheatre tour. And the group’s rotating list of opening acts (including skillet on certain shows and red on others) adds plenty of extra value to the already appealing package. the act: daughtry and Lifehouse the site: www.daughtryofficial.com and www.lifehousemusic.com the sound: Modern rock the Buzz: speaking of faith-based tag teams, mainstream radio dominators daughtry and Lifehouse are linking up this summer for a series of arena shows. But don’t wait a single second to buy tickets as several dates have already sold out and it’s only a matter of time before the remaining gigs follow suite. the act: Ivoryline the site: www.myspace.com/ivoryline the sound: Alternative rock the Buzz: Though it was originally scheduled for a May release, fans of Ivoryline will have to wait a little while longer for its sophomore Tooth & nail Cd Vessels (which hits now streets July 27). nonetheless, the band promises plenty of noticeable evolution, alongside production from Aaron sprinkle (Anberlin, The Almost). CCM 43