haWk nelson hawkology (BEC Recordings) FOR FANS OF: Relient K, MXPX, Stellar Kart QQQQ Pop/punk has never been the same since Hawk nelson took the scene by storm in 2004 with witty lyrics, surging power chords and a refreshing vision. This triple disc doesn’t include any new material, but it bundles together the group’s first three projects Letters to the President, Smile It’s the End of the World and Hawk Nelson...Is My Friend at a budget price. While this doesn’t benefit fans who already own these albums, it’s a brilliant buy for newcomers, while fans in either category will notice the group’s consistent evolution. - Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Everything You Ever Wanted” petree Weakness Makes You Beautiful (Dream) FOR FANS OF: Shiny Toy Guns, Depeche Mode, old Skillet QQQ After first finding fame with secular standouts shiny Toy Guns, stephen Petree went solo for a more spiritually-centered solo career. But these days, he’s returning to collaborative contexts with a trio that’s adapted his namesake and merged the best of that original band and individual offerings. Expect plenty of keyboards colliding with electric guitars, allowing some songs to land in dance floor circles and others to adapt an alternative rock centering. All the while, Petree’s lyrics inspire listeners from all walks of life to seize each day and transform previous weaknesses into assets. - Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Come Get It Now” lights the listening (Sire Records) FOR FANS OF: Owl City, Tegan and Sara, Blondie QQQ The female-fronted Lights just scored the opening act slot of a lifetime as far as electronic piano pop is concerned, landing alongside Christ- centered Myspace to mainstream megastars Owl City. not only does this spirited disc benefit from breezy, dance-derived tracks, but there are plenty of uplifting elements that point towards greater truth across several pleading punches of sonic excitement. - Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Saviour” roCk revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit www.CCMmagazine.com/music/upcoming_ releases. roCk neW releases 06.01.2010 GrOUP 1 CrEW SpACE BouNd Ep (Fervent reCordS/Word) 06.08.2010 HAWK nELsOn hAWkologY (BEC rECOrdInGs/EMICMG) sInCE OCTOBEr lifE, SCARS, ApologiES (TOOTH & nAIL/EMICMG) MyCHILdrEn MyBrIdE loSt BoY (TOOTH & nAIL/EMICMG) rAPTUrE rUCKUs RAptuRE RuCkuS (BEC rECOrdInGs/EMICMG) 06.29.2010 CHILdrEn 18:3 RAiN’S A CoMiN’ (TOOTH & nAIL) HAsTE THE dAy AttACk of thE Wolf kiNg (TOOTH & nAIL) Future oF ForeStry tRAvEl iii Ep (CrEdEnTIAL rECOrds/ EMICMG) sILvErLInE voiCES iN thE Night Ep (vsr/EMICMG) roCk 42 CCM