addison road Stories (INO Records) FOR FANS OF: MercyMe QQQQ some of the pop/rock structures by Jenny Chisolm & Co. are so crisp and memorable, they remind you of a female-fronted MercyMe. But Addison road seems intent on charting their own path on Stories, a confident, moving mix that marks one of this year’s favorite releases. - Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Change in the Making” FFh Wide open Spaces (P-ID Blue) FOR FANS OF: Avalon QQQ FFH’s latest release is the first since front man Jeromy deibler was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, giving the latest batch of radio-ready pop songs a gravity previously missing. It’s a solid musical move for the popular duo, with lead single “Undone” as the prime example. - Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Undone” revive Blink (Essential/Consuming Fire) FOR FANS OF: Fee, Tenth Avenue North, Hillsong United QQQ An elite member of Third day’s Consuming Fire label imprint, revive’s new record revels in the same sturdy commercial aptitude its contemporary label heads have established over the past fifteen years, albeit less Southern. Helmed by Christian music production gurus Jason Ingram and rusty varenkamp, the Australian outfit’s second worship- tilted pop/rock set drives the same sonic zing as its musically astute debut. The downside? It’s all been said and sung in a similar fashion before. needless to say, piercing the factions of modern rock outfits pervading Christian music today remains revive’s greatest challenge. - Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “My Hope” adult Contemporary revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. adult Contemporary neW releases 06.22.2010 rEvIvE BliNk (EssEnTIAL rECOrds/ PrOvIdEnT) AddIsOn rOAd StoRiES (InO rECOrds/PrOvIdEnT) 06.29.2010 MICHAEL sArvEr MiChAEl SARvER (UnIvErsAL MUsIC GrOUP/ EMICMG) AUdrEy AssAd thE houSE You’RE BuildiNg (sPArrOW rECOrds/EMICMG) adult Contemporary CCM 41