36 CCM http://www.integritydirect.com 36 CCM When Jeromy Diebler agreed to travel to South Africa to help lead a worship conference, he didn’t expect it to change his life. In fact, he almost didn’t go at all. “Mission trips weren’t my thing,” he says. But after days of waffling back and forth, he came to this simple, albeit life-changing conclusion: “God, I can’t find a reason not to go, so I’ll go.” Ten days later, when the pastor of the local church who had hosted the conference asked the group, “Who’s going to come back here and finish what you’ve started?”… all fingers pointed to Jeromy. “It was obvious,” he says. “God was working in a very visual way.” So when he returned home to tell his wife the news, there was just one small matter to tend to before they headed to the other side of the world… The band. Jeromy and Jennifer were half of one of the most recognized and successful Christian bands the industry has seen. For years, FFH could be heard all over the radio and, chances are, in a town near you. It wasn’t unusual for them to travel 200 days a year. But after years of that kind of grueling schedule and a growing family… FFH has put on concerts, led worship and climbed up and down the music charts for years. But in the past several years, God has helped them do a 180 when it comes to perspective on Him, them and what true worship and fellowship mean. And it all began with a little trip down South… Wide Open Worship Jennifer and Jeromy Diebler of FFH