midst the flood waters, Nashville is full of artists lending a hand to those who were devastated. Stellar Kart’s Adam Agee is just one of those special people. With a new landscape to his hometown, a new perspective on what it means for God to bring people together and a new album, he can certainly say that change is a comin’. Everything is, indeed, different now for Adam Agee and the rest of Stellar Kart. One new member (former Dizmas guitarist Jon Howard), one former member (Cody Pellerin) and a new record label (INO Records) later, the latest release for the Phoenix pop punk band carries an apt title, Everything Is Different Now. Yet Agee agrees that having certain elements consistently in place, like longtime producer Ian Eskelin, helps keep the creative train moving forward. “I think there’s just something about working with Ian,” says Agee. “I think he brings out the best in me as far as writing and arranging and we just get each other in terms of what we want to accomplish. Stylistically, he does all kinds of stuff, so we just never know what will happen. We just go in and see what happens. It’s a good time working with him and I always enjoy it.” The new release continues their straightforward rock style for the most part, but some sonic explorations include some tinkering with laptops Owl City style and more worshipful lyrics than ever before. “We just want to see what people latch onto and see what works live. But we love that punk rock stuff and that’s our bread and butter. But the new stuff is also what keeps it fresh for us.” Most recently, the changes include a more tragic tone with the Agee’s current residency in Tennessee surrounded by the recent flooding catastrophe. While his home wasn’t affected, many neighbors and friends weren’t so lucky. Yet, as Agee describes, it’s these dire circumstances that allow the church to become what it’s intended to be. “It’s been really amazing seeing the people come together and not really caring who they go and help out,” says Agee. “It’s people who are complete strangers going and helping haul stuff out and getting dirty with their neighbors. It’s really a God thing watching God inspire people to work with each other. It’s just what we do as Christians.” www.stellarkart.com StellAr KArt: PuShing On 30 CCM