torrential downpour in the ea brought an unbelievable (an of floodwaters that wreaked the middle Tennessee region. Includ devastation were several landmarks in Music City, U.S.A., a reminder that the losses were both personal and collective. Yet as we spoke to variou artists, we found that beauty often comes from ashes as people come together to display faith, hope and I’ve been part of teams helping people move much or everything they own, mostly ruined, out of their houses. It’s been very moving to see people touched deeply by the care of others. Having seen some of the devastation first hand, [I know] there’s lot’s to do but seeing people’s willingness to help brings much hope. – Miriam Webster We actually came in to Nashville after playing in West Tenn., during the storms as the floods were unfolding. We really couldn’t believe what we were seeing because Nashville has always seemed so safe from these kinds of disasters. Because we were in our van and trailer and had to drop all of the guys off at their residences we got to see a large scope of where the flooding took place. It’s just unbelievable. We’re thankful to be safe and encouraged by the visible outpouring that is already taking place in the community. – Ben McDonald, Sidewalk Prophets The flooding in Nashville was far worse than anyone expected. Yet instead of looting and complaining about each other, which has happened in other catastrophes around the world, there has been an outpouring of support from the entire community. That is impressive. We live in a great town. – Jason Baird, Austins Bridge Music City After the Flood 28 CCM