going behind the scenes to get you ahead of the curve by andrew greer in the studio with… Natalie Grant ALBUM TITLE: Love Revolution LABEL: Curb RELEAsE DATE: Summer 2010 REcoRDIng sTUDIo: Soulfuel Studios, Nashville, Tenn. PRoDUcERs: Bernie Herms (Dan Muckala co-produced one track) nUMBER of songs: 10, plus 2 bonus sTUDIo sPEcs: Sound Deluxe 251 microphone. Various preamps and compressors including API, GT Vipre, Kenetek Custom 1176 and Gates STA- level Compressor. A Dolby Cat 22 card and Roland Dimension D to shape vocal tone after initial recording. Digital Performer, Protools and Logic software. TIMEs Two: Everything in life is more chaotic with twin toddlers! Beautiful chaos, but still crazy! They were not usually at the studio when I was recording. I’m a perfectionist so I needed the ability to focus. –Natalie Grant fAcToRy PRoDUcED: Bernie has a new studio in a Nashville building called Marathon Village. The building was an automobile plant in the early 1900’s. The vibe is so cool and Bernie has made his place such an oasis. You feel creative when you walk in—all the exposed brick and old wood floors—it’s awesome. –N. G. LovE EvoLUTIon: Love Revolution is a progression musically. It “sneaks” funk and R&B into the modern pop-rock hybrid tempo tracks. And there are some great vulnerable ballad moments. I pray I’m always taking steps forward. –N.G. PRAIsE REvoLUTIonARy: I want to make music that motivates a culture of love. As we come in to the presence of God in praise and worship we’re fueled up to be able to love our neighbors. Through loving God, we can love people. Not with religion, political agendas or lists of do’s and don’t’s, but with authentic grace and love. –N.G. TEsT RUn: I’m excited about performing “Someday Our King Will Come” live. It’s old school. It’s funk. It has killer horns and it just makes me want to sang! – N.G. natalie grant and husband/producer bernie herms For more information on Natalie Grant, visit nataliegrant.com. For a preview of other albums releasing soon, visit our In the Studio section at www.CCMmagazine.com/just_for_you/in_the_studio. more 14 CCM