With a new album hitting the ground in July, a tour with Kutless and a single climbing the charts, The Museum is a new face you don’t want to miss! CCM caught up with them to get the inside scoop. CCM: Where did your name come from? The name began when Josh Kirk (drummer) went on a mission trip to Romania just as we were forming the band going into 2008. In traveling to Romania, Josh knew little about the country, but quickly found out they were a communist nation until 1989, when a few Christians gathered in prayer & protest claiming, “we believe God exists!” This quickly turned to rioting and over a couple of weeks time, this led to the overthrow of communism known as the Romanian Revolution! After hearing the story, Josh was taken to see “The Revolution Museum” which contained humble evidence and testimonies of the revolution. It was amazing to see how a few people that stood up for what they believed in had such a giant role in changing the entire course of a nation. The experience left a great impact on Josh and as he returned to the states we quickly decided to be called “The Museum.” As we create and record music & travel city to city, we realize it’s the things we leave behind that make the difference. We hope our music and our ministry will be marked by the evidence that Christ has done a revolution in our hearts and we’re forever changed because of it. CCM: Tell us about the new album. It’s a very melody & guitar driven pop/rock album. We aimed to create melodic hooks to complement thoughtful lyrics. The overall message is centered on the love of Christ & our call to be His love to a broken world. We hope it’s a message that challenges the Church to get outside the walls and live out the words we sing! CCM: What do you think is the role of the local church? We absolutely believe that the local church is the hope of the world. Far too often the church is known for what we’re against rather than what we’re for. Go out and love and serve your community with open arms. Invite them inside your walls and show them a God who loves them regardless of what they’ve done or what they look like! the museum album: Let Love Win label: BeC recordings Release Date: July 27, 2010 PRoDuceR: Jason ingram, rusty Varenkamp, aaron sprinkle and Jason hoard CCM 13