with Seth MoSley The WriTer’s room CCM: What does it feel like to have a hand in writing a hit for such a huge band? SM: It is a huge honor to me to be a part of helping to co-write and co-produce for a band that I’ve looked up to for so long. They have a great team and really made this record what it is. CCM: What were the writing sessions like? SM: They started with my great friend and co-writer Juan Otero in our little duo we have named THE WRITE BROTHERS. We knew that “this is who I am” was a huge line of affirmation for all listeners to embrace their identity as believers and to rally around an anthem of being changed from the inside out by Christ. I don’t think when we wrote this song we ever even imagined it would be cut by the newsboys. Everyone knew after we finished the vocals that we were sitting on something really special. CCM: Are you a lyrics first kind of guy? Melody? Beat? How do songs evolve for you? SM: It all starts with some kind of hook. I usually end up singing a song title with guitar chords, like on “Leaving Here Someday” or “Gotta Be Something,” and build the melody after that. I finish the lyrics later. I try to find the biggest topic I feel our listeners can rally around and relate to. CCM: How does your personal story/testimony/ relationship with God play out in your writing? SM: It is everything in my writing. I hope that every song I write, in some way or another, leads a listener to follow my experience on how I’ve come to know the Lord, which is a day-by-day growing process. CCM: Any mentors or other artists who have influenced you? SM: Needless to say, the newsboys. Seth MoSley Born Again As one of the writers on the soon-to-be chArt topping Album, Born AgAin, Seth MoSley of me in motion hAs hit his stride. he recently took some time to tAke CCM inside the creAtive process behind it All. 50 ccm