peter gAbriel scratch My back (EMI) FOR FANS OF: The Arcade Fire, Sting QQQ Though he’s never come out as a Christian specifically, Peter Gabriel has intertwined elements of spiritual enlightenment, longing and wrestling since his mid-1970s departure from Genesis. On this collection of mostly obscure covers, the gruff-voiced veteran is backed by only an orchestra with selections originally cut by fellow lyrically provocative acts like The Arcade Fire, The Magnetic Fields, David Byrne and Paul Simon, all of which are sure to incite dissection and reflection. –Andy Argyrakis We Like: “My Body is a Cage” Jo dee MessinA unmistakable: Love (Curb) FOR FANS OF: Faith Hill, Susan Ashton, Amy Grant QQQQ She took time off to start a family and then was tied up in record company directed delays, but modern country favorite Jo Dee Messina finally returns with her first new project in five years. This first installment a trilogy of EPs includes seven new tracks and two acoustic oldies, all of which prove she hasn’t lost any momentum belting out inspiring ballads or the working class anthems, laced with touches of grace, forgiveness and plenty of fun. –Andy Argyrakis We Like: “Because You Love Me” dolly pArton Letter to heaven: songs of faith & Inspiration (Sony Legacy) FOR FANS OF: Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrell, Crystal Gayle QQQ She’s a singer, songwriter, movie star and one of the most immediately recognizable celebrities on earth, but through it all Dolly Parton’s always worn her faith on her sleeve. This compilation culls together hymns like “How Great Thou Art” with several original oldies tied around organic instrumentation, alongside a southern flair. Some of the production comes across as dated, but the overt message is undeniable and the messenger’s delivery is downright angelic. –Andy Argyrakis We Like: “Heaven’s Just a Prayer Away” Crossover revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. Crossover neW releAses 06.29.2010 MICHAEL SARvER MIChaeL sarver (unIvERSAL MuSIC GROuP/ EMICMG) Crossover 46 CCM