Matthew Mayfield insists on perfecting his craft. That much was clear from our conversation as we discussed the music of the Birmingham singer/songwriter. yet for an independent artist who’s already accomplished as much as he has, it’s an intriguing prospect. After all, how much better can this guy get? For the uninitiated, Mayfield’s tunes have been featured on “Grey’s Anatomy” twice already and he’s toured with Pete yorn, nEEDTOBREATHE, Switchfoot and several others. He’s also released more music in the last six months than any other artist you could name. He’s a strong writer who’s also prolific—just the kind of artist who will not only survive, but thrive in this digital age. “It’s been crazy the amount of output that’s been happening lately,” says Mayfield. “We just had this idea, me and my manager, where we thought, ‘why don’t we just put out an EP every month? You’ve got the songs and the material.’ The more we put on the fire, the brighter it burns. I wasn’t really sure about it. I didn’t know if anyone would take to it or whether it would be the kind of thing people are into, but it’s been great. “Every record that we’ve done has charted, if not gone to the top of iTunes for singer/songwriter,” he continues. “It’s cool how there are people paying attention every month, and I think it’s a good way to keep fans and show them that the wheels are turning even if you’re not touring a lot, then they know that you’re always writing, always churning, always producing content.” with so many EPs already released this year, he’s also preparing a full-length recording with Paul Moak, the producer behind Mat kearney, Jennifer knapp and Seabird among others. It’s a record he says will “make a statement.” “whether or not anybody wants to hear it, I don’t know. I just want to make the best record I can,” says Mayfield. “You can mark my words, I promise.” — Matt Conner indie highlights the Act: Sandra McCracken the site: the sound: nashville songwriter with amazing combination of lyrical and melodic chops. the buzz: new hymns project, Feast or Fallow, brings out a new side. the Act: The Sailor Sequence the site: the sound: Blissful electropop made for soundtracks the buzz: The kansas City act just moved to nashville to work with producer Matt Bronleewe (Plumb, Steven Curtis Chapman, Leeland). the Act: Evie Haskell the site: the sound: Piano-driven worship tunes that echo kari Jobe or nichole nordeman the buzz: Her brand new album, My Beautiful Everything, will be releasing soon. Matthew Mayfield CCM 43