downloads/ccm/IAmWithYou.mp3 WilliAM fitzsiMMons derivatives (Mercer Street Records) FOR FANS OF: Peter Bradley Adams, Joshua James, Alexi Murdoch QQQ william Fitzsimmons susurrant vocal style remains the centerpiece of every release, no matter the subject matter. The same is true of Derivatives, even as multiple remixes of old favorites appear alongside Fitzsimmons’ remake of katy Perry’s “I kissed A Girl.” On paper, it should neither work nor satisfy, but in the end, Fitzsimmons gets away with both. –Matt Conner We Like: “i Don’t Feel it Anymore (Feat. Brooke Fraser)” sAndrA MCCrACken In feast or fallow (Independent) FOR FANS OF: Jenny Lewis, Sara Groves, Patty Griffin QQQQ understanding the church’s hunger for classic liturgy, singer/ songwriter Sandra McCracken compiles her second hymns recording, delicately refashioning historic sacred songs by replacing their antiquated musical contexts with a modern voice. Sways of acoustic guitars, swelling mellotrons and timely strings provide hallowed space for McCracken whose magnificent vocal resource can never be fully captured on tape—a testament to its natural brilliance. And though a fifteen track set list is a bit cumbersome, McCracken’s charming creative drive and definitive folk demeanor override the potential overload to create a completely inspired final product. –Andrew Greer We Like: “Can’t Help Myself” WAterdeep In the Middle of It (Hey Ruth, Inc.) FOR FANS OF: Sandra McCracken, Andrew Bird, Wilco QQQ One thing waterdeep’s headmasters, Don and Lori Chaffer, have never lacked is creativity. Dousing their latest quirky folk-rock with extra punch, the dynamic duo turn a kaleidoscope of sounds into a shimmering tapestry of musical color. Frequently trading vocal leads gives the record perpetual motion while gutsier vocal styling by both Chaffers helps to distinguish the set list further. with a long track listing (14 total) song diversification is essential and Waterdeep rises to the occasion. But the real gems are in the latter half, where acoustic clarity replaces noisy trinkets, reminding listeners why waterdeep is an indie music favorite. –Andrew Greer We Like: “Gimme My Walkman” indie revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. indie neW releAses 07.27.2010 COFFEy Coffey (unIvERSAL MuSIC GROuP/ EMICMG) indie 42 CCM